Child and Youth Mental Health

The ministry invested approximately $428 million in 2014-15 towards the provision of mental health services to children and youth in Ontario. Through this funding, the ministry is building on its previous investments in more than 260 child and youth mental health agencies, 17 hospital-based outpatient programs, one directly-operated child and youth mental health centre and by a number of multi-service agencies who provide services to children and youth with multiple needs (e.g., youth justice and mental health). More than 50,000 kids and their families are benefitting from quicker and easier access to the right mental health supports.

The next step in the transformation of the child and youth mental health system – Moving on Mental Health – will transform the experience of children and youth with mental health problems and their families, so that regardless of where they live in Ontario they will know:

  • What mental health services are available in their communities; and
  • How to access mental health services and supports that meet their needs.

The ministry is working to support enhanced performance measurement and accountability across the child and youth mental health sector as part of the effective implementation of Moving on Mental Health.

The new 13 performance indicators identified for child and youth mental health services address four key questions and will support provincial monitoring of the service system over time. The four key questions identified are:

  • Who are we serving?
  • What are we providing?
  • How well are we serving children, youth and their families?
  • How well is the system performing?

Most of the data has started to be collected in 2014-15. The 2014-15 data for child and youth mental health Transfer Payment Budget Package will be available in summer 2015 and reported in the next Estimates (2016-17).

The data reported for the 2013-14 performance measures from the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS) Annual Reports and Brief Child and Family Phone Interview (BCFPI) Annual Reports is no longer being collected because of the transition in 2014-15 to reporting against the 13 key performance indicators.