Ministry of Children and Youth Services Overview


Ontario is home to over 2.6 million children. These young people deserve the best opportunities to shape their own lives and to become active and productive members of their communities. They are the key to Ontario's future success and prosperity.

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services is committed to creating opportunities that help all children and youth succeed. In 2015-16, the ministry will continue funding, overseeing and delivering programs that are relevant, efficient, effective and sustainable to improve outcomes for children and youth. With innovation and creativity, the ministry will continue to be a champion for the voice of children and youth in government, and a transformative force in the delivery of responsive and effective service experiences for young people and their families.

Ministry Vision

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services envisions an Ontario where all children and youth have the best opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential.

Ministry Mission

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services will work with government and community partners to develop and implement policies, programs, and a service system that help give children the best possible start in life, prepare youth to become productive adults and make it easier for families to access the services they need at all stages of a child's development.

Ministry Mandate

The ministry works with a broad spectrum of partners to fund and/or provide:

  • Early identification and intervention services for infants, children and youth and their families to support healthy development;
  • Financial support for families;
  • Supports for children with special needs including autism;
  • Child and youth mental health services;
  • Opportunities and supports to facilitate the successful achievement of key youth development outcomes needed for life success;
  • Protection services and support for children who have been, or are at risk of being abused or neglected while continuing to modernize the child protection system;
  • Facilitating permanency options, including adoption for children who need the stability a new family can provide; and
  • A continuum of community and custodial programs for youth in, or at risk of, conflict with the law, aged 12 to 17 at the time of the offence.