Young People are Successfully Transitioning to Adulthood

Youth Leaving Care

The ministry will continue to work with CASs and community partners to roll out a suite of new supports and resources for youth leaving care, including:

  • the new Youth-in-Transition Worker program (which supports youth leaving care to identify, access and navigate the services and resources they need in their community to make a smooth transition to independent living and adulthood);
  • Living and Learning Grant (which supports former youth in care to attend postsecondary education and training); and
  • Aftercare Benefits Initiative (which will provide eligible youth with access to prescription drug, dental and extended health benefits).

Transition Planning

The ministry has worked collaboratively with the ministries of Community and Social Services and Education to implement integrated transition planning processes for young people with developmental disabilities. This work is aimed at ensuring that every young person with a developmental disability has a single integrated transition plan. The integrated transition planning process involves parents, service providers, school boards, school authorities, and schools to help smooth the transition to work, further education and into the community. This work began in September 2013.

Capital Investments to Support Program Delivery

Investing in infrastructure is critical to helping vulnerable Ontarians and building strong communities.

In 2014-15, the ministry will continue helping social service agencies better serve children, youth and their families through new construction or upgrades to existing facilities. Plans will proceed towards constructing new buildings to replace existing Children's Treatment Centres with sites in Hamilton, Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville.

The ministry continues to work collaboratively with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services on a transformational initiative to optimize capacity in the Youth Justice sector and to address capacity pressures and mental health needs in adult female correctional facilities.

The ministry will apply strong governance and oversight to ensure the most strategic investment of its resources to support effective program delivery.

Review of the Child and Family Services Act

The paramount purpose of the CFSA is to promote the best interests, protection and wellbeing of children and youth.

A requirement of the CFSA is that the Minister must publicly review the Act, or specified provisions of it, every five years. These reviews are conducted by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and help the government better understand how its laws, programs and policies are experienced on the ground. The information gathered as part of these reviews provides an opportunity for learning and change, and also supports the ministry and its partners to provide high-quality services for children, youth and families in Ontario. The Report on the 2015 Review of the Child and Family Services Act is available on the ministry`s website at