The Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) envisions an Ontario where all children and youth have the best opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential.

MCYS works with a broad spectrum of partners so that every child and young person in Ontario has access to the right supports and opportunities needed to make positive choices, achieve their potential and seamlessly transition to adulthood.

Ministry Contribution to Priorities and Results

Ontario is home to almost three million children and youth aged 0 to 18 years, with over 140,000 born in the province each year. Created just over a decade ago, the Ministry of Children and Youth Services works to improve the lives and futures of our most vulnerable children and youth.

Since the ministry’s inception, the youth crime rate has decreased, fewer children are coming into child protection services and more children are finding safe, loving and permanent homes. The ministry is also redesigning services and systems to increase accessibility for families.

In March 2014, the ministry released its renewed strategic plan, Growing Together (2013-18). This vision focuses on the priorities that matter most for Ontario’s young people and their families through four renewed goals:

  • Children and youth are resilient.
  • Children and youth have the skills and opportunities needed to shape their own future.
  • Children and youth have a voice.
  • Children and youth experience high-quality, responsive services.

To implement its strategic plan, the ministry is undertaking a number of large-scale transformations to modernize service delivery in child welfare, special needs services, child and youth mental health, and child and youth residential services. This work complements the successful transformation of youth justice services.

This will make the system more nimble, more streamlined and more accessible to the changing needs of children and youth. It will help families to get the appropriate help they need, when they need it, for their loved ones. The vision is that parents and children should only need to tell their story once.