I've been matched — International adoption


Once you receive a proposal to adopt a child from outside Canada and you have accepted it, your adoption practitioner will prepare a consent report.

The adoption agency you are working with will send the consent report and supporting documents to the ministry for review.

Note: In a small number of countries, you must travel there to accept the adoption proposal and meet the child.

In most countries, once a match has been agreed on, authorities in the child's country will grant you permission to come and meet the child you are planning to adopt. Some countries may require you to make two visits.

In most instances, the adoption must be finalized in a court in the child's home country before you can bring your child home to Canada.

You must also seek and receive permission from Canadian immigration before the child you have adopted can move to Canada. Forms and information about applying for your child to enter Canada are available at Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The adoption agency you are working with may assist you with this process, which can take time.

Adjustment process

With a few countries, you will bring your child home and the adoption will be finalized by an Ontario family court judge. In this instance, there will be a six-month supervision period during which your adoption practitioner will make at least three visits to your home and prepare a Report on the Adjustment of the Child in the Home (ROACH).

The adoption licensee will submit the report to the ministry for review and approval. The licensee will then apply to the court to issue an adoption order, which finalizes the process.

Post-adoption reports are required by most countries and they are considered as a very important part of the adoption process. Your adoption agency can provide details and assistance.

Note: Even if your child's adoption will be finalized in an Ontario court, you have to complete the process with Canadian immigration before you can bring your child home.

Finalizing adoption

In most international adoptions you will complete the necessary steps to finalize the adoption in the child's home country.

The adoption order making you the legal and permanent parent of your adopted child will be issued in a court in the child's country of origin. The adoption agency will guide you through this process.

In the few countries where the international adoption is finalized in an Ontario court, your adoption licensee will make an application for an adoption order.

The application can only be made in court after a six-month adjustment period has passed with your adopted child, during which time an adoption practitioner visited your family several times and wrote and submitted a report to the ministry on the child's adjustment.

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