I've been matched — Private adoption


Before a licensee places a child in your home for adoption, the adoption practitioner will have discussed the adoption plan with you and the birth parents.

You will discuss details of the adoption plan, including placement of the child. In the case of an open adoption, the details on the frequency of contact will be worked out.

Once the child is born, he or she may be placed in temporary foster care. You can visit the child with permission of the birth parents.

An infant has to be at least 7 days old before the birth parents can consent to the adoption.

The ministry must approve the adoption plan prior to child coming to live with you. Your adoption licensee will submit the adoption plan to the ministry and seek approval.

After the birth parents have consented to the adoption, they have a 21-day period where they can change their minds about the adoption. The infant is returned to the birth parents by the adoption licensee if this occurs.

Adjustment process

Your adoption practitioner will make a minimum of three visits after the child has been placed with your family and before the adoption is finalized. The visits give the practitioner a chance to offer support and see how the child and the entire family are adjusting.

After six months have passed, your adoption practitioner will complete a Report on the Adjustment of the Child (ROACH). This report is submitted to the ministry by the licensee handling your adoption.

Finalizing adoption

After the ministry has reviewed and responded to the report on your child's adjustment, the adoption licensee then has to make an application in an Ontario court to finalize the adoption.

A judge will review all the information presented and once satisfied that the adoption is in the best interest of the child, an adoption order will be issued.

The adoption of your child is now final and you are the legal parents.

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