I've been matched — Public adoption


The child you are planning to adopt will have several extensive visits to your home before being officially placed there. This gives your family and the child a chance to become familiar with each other. It gives the child an opportunity to start to develop a comfort level before moving into his or her new home.

A CAS adoption worker will set up the visits. The number and length of visits will depend on certain factors, including the age of the child.

Adjustment process

When a child is placed in your home, a period of adoption probation will begin, lasting a minimum of six months to a year or longer. This is a critical adjustment period for you, your family and your adoptive child.

A CAS adoption worker will visit your family at least three times during this period to support you and the child you are adopting. The worker also monitors how well each member of your family is coping with the transition. Here is more information.

Finalizing adoption

Once the probation period is completed, your adoption worker will write a report. It documents the placement and explains why it is in the best interest of the child to be adopted.

This report will be submitted by the CAS to an Ontario family court. It is part of an application to finalize the adoption. A family court judge will review the information and if satisfied will issue an adoption order.

The adoption is now final and you are the permanent and legal parent of your child.

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