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Youth leaving care

There are many support programs for young people who have been in the care of a children's aid society. Youth who have been in the care of a children’s aid society or who are leaving care can contact their children's aid society to find more information about the programs available.

Renewed Youth Supports program

Teens 16 and 17 years old who have left care can return to their children’s aid society to receive support until they turn 18.

Continued Care and Support for Youth

Teens who are 18 and transitioning from care may be eligible to receive financial and other supports until they turn 21. Monthly financial support is $850 per month.

Extended health benefits

Young adults aged 21 to 24 who have left care may be eligible to receive prescription drug, dental and extended health benefits.

Transition and life skills programs

Youth-in-transition workers connect youth who are 16 to 24 to community services and provide support with life skills such as money management and job searches.

Youth 18 to 21 who are leaving care, and need additional time to complete high school, may be eligible to remain with their caregivers. Ontario has extended funding to caregivers to provide a stable home for these youth.

Support for postsecondary education and training

Former youth in care who are entering college or university may be eligible for programs which provide financial support, and help support the transition into adulthood. These programs include:

Learn more about how former youth in care can receive help for postsecondary studies or training.