Child Protection Information Network

Ontario is working with children’s aid societies to modernize the information systems used to share data on children in the care of children’s aid societies.

CPIN is the new Child Protection Information Network currently in development. It will allow children’s aid societies to securely share with one another confidential child protection information and better manage case files and finances.

Information to make the best decisions for each child will now be easily accessible to children’s aid societies. They will be able to track what protection services children have received and the results, regardless of where in Ontario services were provided. The network will support timely and efficient service for kids in need of protection and their families.

All personal information in the new network will only be shared among children’s aid societies, and only for providing child welfare services.

The network will help the government oversee the child protection system by providing consistent data on demand for services, costs and outcomes.

CPIN is a five-year project led by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. Children’s aid society staff will advise on the development of the new Ontario-wide system.

The network is part of the government’s plan to modernize the child protection system so that vulnerable kids and their families can continue to get the services they need.