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Do you feel sad, afraid, overwhelmed or alone? — Help is available

If you are having trouble coping or feel alone, sad, confused or worried a lot of the time, talk to your doctor or contact a nurse at your local Public Health Unit.

If you feel you are going to harm yourself or your baby, contact your doctor or local emergency service immediately.

Having a baby can be a challenging time. It is normal to feel tired or overwhelmed sometimes. Changing household routines to meet your baby's needs can sometimes cause problems in the family. It’s not always easy to adapt to all the changes that come with a newborn.

Some women who give birth experience what is known as the "baby blues". This can start one to three days after delivery and can last for several weeks. You may cry a lot, can’t sleep, are irritable, experience quick mood changes and feel vulnerable.

The more serious postpartum depression is sometimes experienced by new mothers. This can begin anytime between birth and six months and last up to several months or a year.

New moms with this condition sometimes don't have an interest in their new baby or don't feel good about their new role. This can affect the bond between a mother and her child. It also has an impact on the child's healthy growth and development. Getting help is good for the mother and child.

Ontario also has programs and services to help women and their children live free of domestic violence. You can talk to someone and seek help.

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