Akwe:go and Wasa-Nabin

Ontario provides funding to the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres to deliver the:

Akwe:go is a Mohawk word meaning "everybody" or "all of us". Wasa-Nabin means "to look forward, to look beyond" in Ojibway.

These community programs are designed for children ages 7-12 and youth aged 13-18 to promote healthy development. The programs provide children and youth with supports, tools and activities that foster their ability to make healthy lifestyle choices. Both Akwe:go and Wasa-Nabin services are tailored to meet the individual needs of the children, youth and families involved. Indigenous children, youth and their families can access the Akwe:go and Wasa-Nabin Programs through 30 delivery sites, primarily Friendship Centres, one Friendship Centre Satellite and two non-Friendship Centre sites.

Programming includes client based and participant based activities, which may include:

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