Middle Years

The Ontario government envisions a province where all children and youth have the best opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential.

Children are at a critical developmental stage between ages six and 12. The experiences children have in these crucial years set a foundation for the habits, perceptions and attitudes they will have for a lifetime.

Ontario’s Middle Years Strategy supports children and their families at this critical age. The strategy helps families, policy makers, service providers, educators, and community organizations better understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities that face this group of young people.

Image of On My Way cover

On MY Way

A developmental framework for parents, teachers and service providers to support middle years child development.

On MY Way - At a Glance (PDF)

Image of Gearing Up cover

Gearing Up

A strategic framework to inform the development of policies and programs to help middle years children thrive.

Gearing Up - At a Glance (PDF)