Supporting LGBT2SQ Youth in Care to Transition to Adulthood

All youth leaving care need access to supports to help them transition successfully to adulthood, including fostering connections with community, building social networks, developing life skills, obtaining stable housing, and securing further education, training and employment. When supporting LGBT2SQ youth in these transitions, consideration should be given to helping youth build their self-advocacy and skills to help them address potential discrimination and bias they may face in adult service systems and the community at large (e.g., in securing housing). Connecting these youth with LGBT2SQ programs, mentors, peer supports, networks, and LGBT2SQ-affirming social opportunities is essential. This should also include helping youth connect with culturally-based and faith-based services and supports that they may be seeking. Appendix B includes information on some organizations, service directories, community agencies, and support networks.

RESOURCES: Finding programs and activities that affirm LGBT2SQ-identified children and youth

Youth in Transition Worker Program

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services funds the Youth-in-Transition Worker (YITW) program in community agencies across Ontario. YITWs are working with youth formerly in the care of a society to connect them with educational, employment, housing, life skills, mental health, and other supports in their communities, and support them to navigate the transition from care to adulthood.

Through the YITW program, funding is provided to the Sherbourne Health Centre’s Supporting Our Youth (SOY) program, a mentoring program for LGBT2SQ children and youth in Ontario. SOY has one YITW who focuses on supporting LGBT2SQ children and youth who are leaving care to identify, access, and navigate the services and supports in their communities to make a smooth transition into adulthood.