Ontario's Child Welfare Redesign Strategy

The Ontario government is redesigning the child welfare system by:

The redesigned system will focus on strengthening families and communities through prevention and early intervention services that are culturally-appropriate, community and family-based, and responsive to the needs of children, youth and families. It will provide children and youth in care with the supports they need to be safe, to succeed, and to thrive as they transition from care to adulthood.

Five Pillars to Create Change

The redesigned child welfare system will be built on five pillars that focus on:

Pillar 1: Supporting Child, Youth, Family and Community Well-Being

The redesigned system will provide higher quality, culturally appropriate and responsive community-based services, with a focus on prevention and early intervention.

Pillar 2: Improving Quality of Care

The new system will improve the quality of care in residential placements and build capacity, diversity and enhanced training for staff and caregivers to better support children and youth. Family-based options will be prioritized over group care, where appropriate. This includes:

Pillar 3: Strengthening Youth Supports

A central part of the redesign is ensuring children, youth, and families have a strong voice in decisions about their care. This will include a priority focus on supporting children and youth to succeed at school and graduate with their peers, setting them up for future success at work and in adulthood. This includes:

Pillar 4: Improving Stability and Permanency

Children and youth deserve supportive and loving homes that respond to their needs and identities. The redesigned system will support children and youth through permanency, increased stability and family-based placements such as customary care, kinship and adoption. The system will offer a more consistent, responsive adoption experience for children, youth and prospective parents. This includes:

Pillar 5: Increasing System Accountability & Sustainability

The redesigned child welfare system will be efficient, effective, and financially sustainable going forward. This will be achieved by:

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