Program Coherence: Does the program match its stated objectives?

As part of the Concept Statements that will be required to accompany all licenses, service providers will be asked to describe their program objectives at the program and the client level. Service providers will also be asked to provide evidence relative to measurable indicators related to each program and client-level output and outcome. The quality of care inspectors will assess the extent to which the program elements are indeed in place to meet the stated program objectives, on the basis of their review of the residence’s program schedule, staff background and training, and interviews with residents and staff. These assessments can be summarized in the form of simple Likert scale ratings for each element, producing a composite overall score.

Data Source

Timeframe for reporting

Examples from other jurisdictions

Quality Inspection Reports

Within two years

OFSTED Inspection Reports (UK Government, 2016 & UK Government, 2015: See Paragraphs 151-161)