The number of placement changes should be tracked for all young people in care, excluding family visits, summer camps or respite placements. Although this is often measured on an annual basis (# of moves in a year) we recommend that it also be tracked over a 3-year period.

Data Source

Timeframe for reporting

Examples from other jurisdictions


Within one year

Proportion of children on an order exiting care after less than 12 months, who had one or two placements (Australian Government, 2015: see Figure 15.7)

In First Year of Current Episode of Care - CYIC That Did Not Move (British Columbia, 2015b: See Performance Indicator 5.11)

Average moves in care within 36 months of placement (Quebec, Trocmé et al., 2013: See Figure 8)

The percentage of children in care for 24 months or longer who experienced two or fewer placement settings (U.S Department of Health and Human Services, 2014: See Measure 6.1c)