Youth Perception of Quality of Care

The Quality Inspectorate should have a simple web-based or app-based survey that all young people are asked to complete when they leave a residential setting. This should include their perceptions of the following:

  1. Youth feel safe and respected

  2. Youth feel staff / foster-kinship parents care about them as individuals and are interested in their future

  3. Youth develop or maintain healthy friendships with youth in the community

  4. Youth’s unique educational needs are being met

  5. Staff / foster parent(s) actively support and encourage connection to family, community, culture and sexual identity, spiritual needs

  6. There is a consistent adult in the youth’s life who cares about them

  7. A range of athletic, cultural, and social activities are organized and youth’s individual hobbies, sports or artistic interests are supported

  8. Someone spends regular time with youth to help them understand and cope with sad or bad things that have happened to them

  9. Young people are asked to participate in decisions about their care and about the daily activities in the residential setting

Data Source

Timeframe for reporting

Examples from other jurisdictions

New exit survey (build on new YJ survey)

Implement survey within one year, report publicly within two

Quality of the caregiver and youth relationship (Ontario Looking After Children study)

Client satisfaction (Australian Government, 2015: Under development, see Box 15.7 & 15.8)

Looked-after children and young people experience warm, nurturing care (NICE UK, 2013: See Quality Statement 1)