Implications for Recommendations

The overall context of the Panel’s recommendations with respect to Voice is a mitigation of the top-down, expert-driven model of service provision in which the lived experience of young people and their families are marginalized. Given strong support amongst service providers for the importance of youth voice, engagement and participation in all aspects of service provision, there is an opportunity for MCYS to provide leadership in ensuring that this broad endorsement is put into practice in real and tangible ways. This recommendation aligns with a previous recommendation and theme from, My REAL Life Book – Report from Youth Leaving Care Hearings (2012), which notes that the province of Ontario should recognize the current system needs to fundamentally change by valuing and implementing the incorporation of young people in and from care in the governance and system design of the services and programs that are being offered throughout the residential system. To this end, many recommendations in other areas of this report will incorporate elements of Voice; however, some specific implications for recommendations follow from the above: