Appendix 5: Residential Services Review Panel Consultations

August 20th, 2015 – January 25th, 2016


The Panel consulted with:

264 Youth

18 Secure Treatment E.D.’s, Managers & Supervisors

25 Mental Health Treatment Agencies Managers & Directors

169 Frontline Staff

47 Facilities & Centres E.D.’s, Managers & Directors

38 Secure Custody E.D.’s, Managers & Supervisors

9 Open Custody E.D.’s, Managers & Directors

56 Foster Parents, Parents & Family Members

26 Associations/ Organizations/ Representatives E.D.’s, Managers & Executive

82 CAS Agencies E.D.’s, Managers Directors & Staff

123 MCYS Staff & Licencing Specialists

8 Regional and Corporate Directors


Across 12 Cities in Ontario

A simplified map of Ontario with 12 relevant cites indicated: Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Oshawa, Consecon, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton, London, and Brampton.

Panel Consultations - Youth

Tungasuvvingat Inuit, Ottawa4 youth
Peel Children’s Centre, Mississauga4 youth
Ottawa Youth Engagement23 youth
J.J. Kelso, Thunder Bay4 youth (Lunch & 1-1 conversation)
Kairos Community Resource Centre, Thunder Bay2 youth
Thunder Bay Youth Engagement16 youth
LGBTQ2S Youth Engagement Toronto4 youth
Syl Apps, Oakville5 youth (1 Treatment / 4 Secure Custody)
Roy McMurtry Centre, Brampton7 youth
Child & Parent Resource Institute (CPRI), London8 youth
Genest Secure Facility, London1 youth
London Youth Engagement22 youth
Sudbury Youth Engagement29 youth
Toronto Youth Engagement37 youth
Sundance (St. Lawrence Youth Association), Kingston2 youth
Kingston Youth Engagement10 youth
Youth Amplifiers (PACY)11 youth amplifiers (two consultations)
YouthCan Consultation (OACAS)8 youth
PACY Round Table (Bayfield)45 youth
Murray McKinnon, Oshawa1 youth
Harold McNeil (SRR) Integration Centre, Oshawa2 youth
Enterphase, Oshawa6 youth
Child in Care by teleconference1 youth
Arrell Youth Centre (Banyan Community Services), Hamilton5 youth
New Mentality (CMHO)1 youth
The Village (Peel CAS)3 youth
Former Child in Care1 (Teleconference)

Panel Consultations - Frontline Staff

Tungasuvvingat Inuit – Youth in Transition Worker – Ottawa1 staff
Peel Children’s Centre, Mississauga8 staff
Ottawa/Cornwall Region CAS/OPR’s8 staff
Dilico Anishinabek Family Care – Thunder Bay6 staff
CAS Thunder Bay25 staff
Thunder Bay Children’s Centre1 staff
Syl Apps, Oakville4 CYW
Roy McMurtry Centre, Brampton12 YSO & YSM
Child & Parent Resource Institute (CPRI), London8 staff
London CAS7 staff
Genest Secure Facility, London4 (Youth Service Officers, Two Teachers)
Sudbury Group Home3 staff
Sudbury CAS & Kina Gbezhgomi Child & Family Services, Sudbury4 staff
Peel CAS11 staff
Sundance (St. Lawrence Youth Association), Kingston1 staff
Frontenac CAS, Kingston21 staff
Murray McKinnon & Harold McNeil (SRR), Oshawa5 staff
Durham CAS, Oshawa13 staff
Toronto CAS7 (Children Service Workers, Foster Care Resources Workers & Resource Support Worker)
Toronto Catholic Children’s Aid Society8 (Placement Worker, Residence Worker, Short Term Child in Care worker, Child in Care Workers)
Hatts Off, Hamilton11 staff
Peel CAS – 1 staff Diversity Manager
Nurse Practitioner from Secure Custody1 Nurse Practitioner

Panel Consultations - Facilities & Centres

Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre4 (ED, Coordinator, Recreation Coordinator, Coordinator of Youth Carving & Art Program)
Tungasuvvingat Inuit, Ottawa1 (Coordinator)
Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa5 (ED, 3 Directors & 1 Assistant Director)
Dilico Anishinabek Family Care, Thunder Bay4 (2 -Assistant Director, 2 Program Managers)
Child & Parent Resource Institute (CPRI), London3 (Managers)
Sudbury Group Home Operators5 (Owners/Operators)
Kerry’s Place, Brampton and Mississauga Community Living7 (Directors and Service Managers)
Hatts Off, Hamilton11 (ED, Supervisors & Directors)
Stewart Homes1 (Teleconference)
Pioneer Youth Services1 (Teleconference)
Enterphase1 (Teleconference)
Community Living Toronto1 (Teleconference)
Carpe Diem Residential Therapeutic Treatment Homes for Children1 (Teleconference)
Good Shepherd Centre1 (Teleconference)
Batshaw Youth and Family Centres1 (Teleconference)

Panel Consultations - Mental Health Treatment Agencies

Robert Smart Centre, Ottawa3 Rep (ED/Service Mgr & Coordinators)
Peel Children’s Centre4 (Manager, 2 Supervisors & 1 Clinical Director)
Thunder Bay Children’s Centre3 (ED and 2 Program Managers)
Syl Apps, Oakville15 (Directors, Coordinators, Managers, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Clinical Director, Nurse, Recreation Therapist, Guidance & VP Program Services)

Panel Consultations - Open Custody

Kairos Community Resource Centre, Thunder Bay1 (Manager)
Northern Youth Services, Sudbury4 (ED & Management Staff)
Murray McKinnon & Harold McNeil, Oshawa4 (ED & Directors & Supervisor of Harold McNeil)

Panel Consultations - Secure Custody

J.J. Kelso, Thunder Bay 2 (ED & Manager)
Syl Apps, Oakville 15 (Directors, Coordinators, Managers, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Clinical Director, Nurse, Recreation Therapist, Guidance & VP Program Services)
Roy McMurtry Youth Centre 13 (YCA, DYCA, Managers, Coordinators, Nurse, Psychometerist, Social Worker, Chaplain)
Genest Secure Facility 2 (Director & Assistant Director)
Sundance (St. Lawrence Youth Association), Kingston3 (Management)
Brookside Youth Centre 1 (Teleconference)
Arrell Youth Centre (Banyan Community Services) 2 (Program Director and CEO Banyan)

Panel Consultations - Secure Treatment

Robert Smart Centre3 (ED/Service Manager & Coordinator)
Syl Apps, Oakville15 (Directors, Coordinators, Managers, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Clinical Director, Nurse, Recreation Therapist, Guidance & VP Program Services)

Panel Consultations - Children’s Aid Societies

CAS Ottawa3 (ED, Service Director & Manager of Services)
Family & Children’s Services of Renfrew County1 (Director of Services)
CAS Thunder Bay10 (Managers)
CAS London10 Staff (3 Service Directors, 7 Supervisors: Native Services, Resources, Recruitment, Kinship, Placement and Ongoing Services, Service Director of Resource & Permanency)
Sudbury CAS & Kina Gbezhgomi Child & Family Services, Sudbury8 (Managers)
Peel CAS4 (ED and 3 Managers)
Frontenac CAS, Kingston7 (Managers)
Durham CAS, Oshawa12 (ED, Directors, Supervisors: Family Care program, Kinship, Foster, Placement, Quality Assurance)
Toronto CAS8 (Directors and Managers)
Toronto Catholic Children’s Aid Society9 (Managers & Supervisors)
CAS – Consultations by Phone
Toronto Catholic Children’s Aid Society1 staff
Grey Bruce Children’s Aid Society1 staff
Waterloo Children’s Aid Society2 staff
Muskoka/Simcoe Children’s Aid Society1 staff
Windsor/Essex Children’s Aid Society2 staff
Hamilton Children’s Aid Society1 staff
Prescott (Vailor)4 staff
York Region Children’s Aid Society1 staff

Panel Consultations - Associations/Organizations

Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth (OARTY) – 2 Meetings9 (August – 4 members and October – 5 members)
Centre of Excellence for Children and Youth Mental Health (OCE)1 (Executive Director)
Ontario Residential Care Association (ORCA)3 (1 by teleconference)
Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies (OACAS)5 (E.D., Analysts & Specialists)
Provincial Advocate (PACY)1 Group Consultation with Advocate, Youth & PACY Staff
Association of Native Agencies (ANO)4 Executive Directors of 4 agencies
LGBTQ2S Advisory Group – Group Consultation/Meeting1 Group Consultation with LGBTQ2S Youth & Agency Staff
CMHO/Kinark Forum – TorontoConference and Meeting with CMHO/Kinark Staff
Kinark4 Management
Ministry of Education1 Staff
Ministry of Health & Long Term Care3 Staff
Youth Justice Ministry Representatives1 meeting with YJ Staff
Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO)4 (CMHO CEO, Kinark CEO, Windsor Hospital VP, Turning Point ED)
ANCFSAO5 (ED’s from 5 agencies)
Métis Nation of Ontario2 Staff
Ontario Native Women’s Association1 Staff
Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres1 Staff
Ontario Association of Child & Youth Care3 (President & Board Members)
Youth Justice Ontario1 member
OACAS1 (OACAS Project Manager of “One Vision, One Voice”)
African Canadian Legal Clinic2 Staff (Policy & Research Lawyer)
Alberta Child & Youth Service1 Staff
University of Toronto1 Staff
Ontario Ministry of Training Colleges & Universities (TCU)3 Staff
Health Quality Ontario (HQO)1 (Director of Policy & Strategy)
Covenant House Toronto1 (Executive Director)

Panel Consultations - Foster Parents/Parents/Family

Ottawa CAS hosted14
Child & Parent Resource Institute (CPRI), London10 (9 Family & Parents & 1 CYW Worker/Advocate)
London CAS hosted5 Foster parents
Kingston CAS hosted12 Foster Parents
Foster Parents Association of Ontario3 Members/Foster Parents
Hatts Off 8 Foster Parents
Foster Parents2 (Teleconference)
Adoptive Parent1 (Teleconference)
Family Member1 (Teleconference)

Panel Consultations - Regional and Corporate Directors

Regional and Corporate Directors 8

Panel Consultations - MCYS & Licencing Specialists

Licencing Specialists67 specialists
Program Supervisors29 (28 in person and 1 Teleconference)
Field Worker Application for Licencing3 staff
MCYS Staff 2 staff
Crown Review Unit1 staff
CPIN Training2 staff
Centralized Access to Residential Services - C.A.R.S2 staff
Ministry of Education Early Learning Division1 staff
SOR Tool Demo1 staff
MCYS Corporate4 staff – Licencing
Central Region1 staff
Toronto Region1 staff
North Region1 staff
MCYS & MCSS North Region2 staff
East Region2 staff
Ministry of Community & Social Services2 staff
MCYS1 staff