Gearing Up

A Middle Years Strategic Framework for Ontario

Gearing Up seeks to align and call into action all those who support middle years children around a strong and sustained commitment to ensure children have what they need to succeed.

Common Vision

Our vision is that:

All middle years children thrive as individuals and as members of their families and communities.

This is an aspirational vision. We are intentionally setting the bar high when we talk about child wellbeing. Achieving this vision means taking a wholistic and ecological view of child development. It also requires greater and more effective collaboration across governments, service providers, philanthropic partners, businesses and organizations, together with parents, caregivers and other caring adults. We all have a role to play in “gearing up” to support the wellbeing of our children now and into the future.

Guiding principles

Gearing Up was developed through conversations across government, and with parents and caregivers, service providers and funders, advocates, allies and experts. The advice we received led us to identify a number of principles that inform the way the strategic framework has been developed. These principles will guide the way Ontario works with a diverse set of partners in supporting middle years children and families going forward.

What the Data Says

To develop Gearing Up, we engaged over 1600 families, including over 100 targeted interviews and small group discussions with families and children. We surveyed over 1,500 parents and caregivers and engaged 80 researchers, 165 community agencies and 65 provincial stakeholders.