Gearing Up

Establishing Ontario’s Middle Years Profile of Wellbeing

Through Ontario’s Middle Years Profile of Wellbeing, we are committed to monitoring aspects of wellbeing and telling the story about how middle years children in Ontario are doing overall.

Ontario’s Middle Years Profile of Wellbeing establishes an aspirational, wholistic, longer-term platform for monitoring changes in middle years child wellbeing over time. Improving these outcomes requires the combined efforts of many partners both within and outside government. It also requires the ongoing contribution of families.

The Middle Years Profile of Wellbeing is intended to drive action. It provides a platform for alignment and for communities and organizations to adapt local or program indicators within a common framework and vision.

For each of the priority outcomes for middle years children, three or more indicators tell us how children are doing. These indicators on their own do not necessarily tell the story of wellbeing, but overall they create a “profile” of what wellbeing looks like and can provide a compelling picture of how children are doing – where there are strengths and where there are opportunities to do more.

Outcomes for the goal that Indigenous children thrive are based on the outcomes for the Ontario Indigenous Children and Youth Strategy, which were co-developed with First Nations, Métis, Inuit and urban Indigenous partners. The OICYS outcomes and indicators will be reported through the OICYS, and Indigenous communities themselves will tell their own stories of how Indigenous children and their families are doing in relation to these goals. The annual report on Gearing Up will reflect these stories.

See the indicators and outcomes that make up Ontario’s Middle Years Profile of Wellbeing.