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Families Matter

Families and extended families play a critical role in supporting middle years child development. Children live in many different types of families, including those that are led by one parent, multiple parents, grandparent(s), foster parent(s) or other caregiver(s). Some families are large and extended, while others are small. Friends and neighbours may also be a part of the extended family support network. There is no single way to be a family. Every type of family can be a source of strength for middle years children.

Parents and caregivers are often a child’s best support and champion. The most effective supports for children are those that have the overall child and family wellbeing in mind. The Ontario government acknowledges that supporting our children means supporting families. Children don’t exist and grow in isolation. Parents and caregivers are the experts on their children.

However, parents and caregivers sometimes need help. While most families in Ontario are thriving, some face significant pressures and challenges. Poverty, intergenerational and colonial trauma, special needs, language barriers, settlement challenges, racism and discrimination are all factors that can affect the needs and resilience of parents and caregivers. Supporting families and creating the conditions for all families to thrive is the best way to support optimal child development and ensure a promising future for all Ontario children.

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