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2012 Ontario Youth Action Plan
Review of the Roots of Youth Violence report

Enhanced Youth Action Plan

The enhanced Ontario Youth Action Plan builds on the 2012 Ontario Youth Action Plan by expanding Ontario’s youth development programs, while addressing youth violence and improving community services. It focuses government funding on those youth and communities most in need of support. Find information on programs and the agencies selected to deliver youth development programs.

Through this plan, we aim to foster safer communities and give young people the support and opportunities they need to succeed. The plan benefits 65,000 at-risk youth each year and builds upon the research and recommendations in the Review of the Roots of Youth Violence report.

We are continuing to work with all levels of government, community partners and Ontario's youth to break down barriers for young people. We are also providing the necessary supports, services and opportunities they need to succeed.

Supports for Youth

Youth Outreach Worker Program
Outreach workers meet youth in the places they hang out to make sure they know about the wide range of programs and services available to them. Read their stories.

Youth Collective Impact Program (Youth CI)
Youth CI, a partnership with the Laidlaw Foundation and the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation’s Innoweave Initiative, helps youth-serving organizations in local communities across Ontario. The program develops, launches and implements collaborations that helps youth to succeed. Youth CI offers information and engagement sessions, workshops, coaching and funding to current and potential collaborations in Ontario.

Youth Research & Evaluation eXchange (YouthREX)
The Youth Research & Evaluation eXchange (YouthREX), in partnership with York University, provides knowledge mobilization and capacity building services to youth-led organizations across Ontario. It also provides customized evaluation supports to grassroots organizations and initiatives. YouthREX has five regional hubs to engage local youth serving organizations, including in London, Ottawa, Sudbury, Thunder Bay and Toronto.