Enhanced Ontario Youth Action Plan program providers

The enhanced Ontario's Youth Action Plan includes investments in new and expanded programs to support at-risk youth and high needs communities.

The agencies selected to date by program are listed below.

Gang Prevention/Intervention

This program provides prevention and intervention programming to support youth who are gang involved or at risk of gang involvement and help build their pro-social skills.

Service Area Agency
Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Canadian Training Institute
Midaynta Community Services
Brampton Multicultural Community Centre
360° Kids
Ottawa YouTurn Youth Support Services
Thunder Bay Kairos Youth Centre
Windsor New Beginnings

Restorative Justice and Conflict Mediation

This program helps students manage school conflict through peer mediation while strengthening pro-social skills.

Service Area Agency
Brantford John Howard Society of Hamilton, Burlington and Area
Greater Toronto Area (GTA) St. Stephen's Community House
Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada
Family Services of York Region
Kingston Youth Diversion Program
Peterborough John Howard Society of Peterborough
Sudbury Elizabeth Fry Society
Thunder Bay John Howard Society of Thunder Bay and District

Stop Now and Plan (SNAP)

This made-in-Ontario intervention program, which has had great success across Canada, helps high-risk children aged six to 12 who are struggling with behaviour issues learn self-control and problem-solving skills to keep them in school and out of trouble.

Service Area Agency
Brantford Six Nations Social Services – in partnership with Woodview Mental Health and Boys and Girls Club of Brantford
Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Child Development Institute
Kinark York
Kingston Pathways for Children and Youth – in partnership with Boys and Girls Club of Kingston
Peterborough Kinark Peterborough
Sudbury Child and Family Centre
Thunder Bay Dilico Anishinabek Family Care – in partnership with the Children's Centre of Thunder Bay

Youth Outreach Worker Program

This program connects at-risk youth to services and positive social activities within their community to foster a sense of belonging and build confidence.

Service Area Agency
Brantford Wesley Urban Ministries
Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Yorktown Child and Family Services
Durham Family Court Clinic
Malton Neighbourhood Services
360° Kids
Kingston Pathways for Children and Youth
Youth Diversion Kingston
Peterborough YES Shelter for Youth and Families
Peterborough Youth Services
Sudbury Sudbury Action Centre for Youth
Thunder Bay Thunder Bay Counselling Centre – in partnership with Children’s Centre Thunder Bay and St. Joseph’s Care Group

Youth Mentorship

This program pairs high-risk youth with local mentors to help guide them to success in school, finding a job or starting a business. They will also learn skills to take on leadership roles in their community.

Service Area Agency
Brantford Boys and Girls Club of Brantford
Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture
Midaynta Community Services
F.E.A.T. for Children of Incarcerated Parents
Yorktown Child and Family Centre
The Dam
Kingston Kingston Employment and Youth Services (KEYS)
Peterborough John Howard Society Peterborough
Sudbury Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre
Thunder Bay Thunder Bay Multicultural Association