Review of the Roots of Youth Violence

Volume 1, Appendix 4:

Program Inventory Template

1. Name of Program
2. Name of Funding Ministry
3. Name of Organization Delivering or Running Program
  1. Ontario Government
  2. Other (please specify)
4. Contact Information
Please provide information on the person(s) most directly involved with the delivery or operation of this program. This might include a government official or a Program Director from the community. Please provide as much information as possible, including the person’s name, phone number, email address, mailing address and the program website.
5. Type of Funding
  1. One Year Pilot Project
  2. Funding for Multiple Years (specify no. of years):
  3. Permanent Program
  4. Other (specify):
6. Other Funders
Besides Ministry funding, does this program receive funding from any other sources? If so, please list these sources below.
7. Program Goals and Objectives
Below are listed a number of possible program goals or objectives. PLEASE INDICATE (either by highlighting or by inserting a check-mark) ALL of the goals or objectives that apply to this program.

Child Development
  1. Provide assistance to parents for early childhood development
  2. Provide general assistance to disadvantaged families
Youth Violence
  1. Law enforcement/crime suppression
  2. The prevention of youth violence and/or criminal behaviour
  3. Diversion from the formal youth or criminal justice system
  4. General rehabilitation or treatment for known offenders
  5. Drug or alcohol treatment
  6. Provides parents with support in working with youth to reduce violence.
Youth/Youth at Risk
  1. Improve levels of youth engagement
  2. Provide counseling for youth with personal problems or issues
  3. Assist youth with mental health issues
  4. Provide sports or recreational activities
  5. Provide arts or culture activities/training
  6. Improve relationships between young people
  7. Improve relationships between adults and young people.
  8. Reduce or eliminate racism
  9. Contribute to general community development
  10. Provide training/support for parents dealing with youth/youth violence
  11. Provide training in conflict resolution
  12. Provide healthcare or health information
  13. Provide shelter, food or clothing to youth
Creating Educational and Employment Opportunities for Young People
  1. Provide educational assistance or enhancement
  2. Reduce youth drop-out rates
  3. Provide job training
  4. Provide employment for young people
  5. Provide mentorship or role models for youth
Does this program have any other goals or objectives that are not described by the list above? If yes, please describe these goals or objectives in the space below.
8. Program Description

Please provide a brief description of the program. Please provide details about how the program operates. Please note that this section requests a description of general program activities not program effectiveness
9. Funding Period

In what year was this program first funded? _______________(Year)

When did this program last receive funding? _______________(Year)
10. Program Funding
What was the actual spending for this program for 2006-2007?

  1. _______________________ (Actual Spending)
  2. Don’t know
What is the budget for this program in 2007 2008?
  1. _______________________ (Budget)
  2. Don’t know
What proportion of the annual budget for this program comes from the Ontario Government?
  1. _______________________(Estimate from 1 to 100%)
  2. 2. Don’t know
Comments related to program funding
11. Staff and Volunteer Numbers
During its last full year of operation, how many staff members did this program employ (in full time equivalent terms)?
  1. __________________ (# of paid staff)
  2. Don’t know

During its last full year of operation, how many volunteers worked on the delivery of this program? Is there an estimate of volunteer hours?
  1. ___________________ (# of volunteers)
  2. 2.Don’t know
12. Geographic Location of Program
Where does this program operate? Check all that apply:
  1. Large city/cities--over 500,000 population
  2. Medium sized city/cities 200,000 to 500,000 population
  3. Small city/cities 50,000 to 200,000 population
  4. Towns 5,000 and 50,000 population
  5. Rural areas
  6. Other (specify) ____________________________________
How many different locations or neighborhoods does this program service? Please answer in the space below.
  1. ________________________ (# of locations)
  2. Don’t know
Does this program operate in any of the following communities or neighbourhoods. Please circle all that apply.
  1. Ottawa
  2. Hamilton
  3. Thunder Bay
  4. Kitchener-Waterloo
  5. Jane and Finch (Toronto)
  6. Jamestown (Toronto)
  7. Steeles-L’Amoureaux (Scarborough)
  8. Kingston-Galloway (Scarborough)
13. Age Range of Participants
What is the age of the youngest participants in this program?
  1. __________(Years)
  2. Don’t know
What is the age of the oldest participants?
  1. __________________( Years)
  2. Don’t know
What is the average or typical age of program participants?
  1. _____________(Average Age in Years)
  2. Don’t know
14. Number of Participants
How many youth take part in the program during an average or typical year?
  1. ____________________(# of youth)
  2. Don’t know
How many youth took part in this program during its last full year of operation?
  1. ____________________(# of youth)
  2. Don’t know
15. Duration of Program
On average, how long do young people stay involved with this program? How long does it take one participant to complete the program?
  1. Don’t Know/Not sure
  2. Less than three months
  3. From three to six months
  4. From six months to nine months
  5. From nine months to a year
  6. More than a year
  7. Program hano time limit (youth can participate for as long as they want)
16. Youth Involvement

Are youth involved in the in the design of this program?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Don’t know
  4. Not applicable
Are youth involved in the delivery of this program?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Don’t know
  4. Not applicable
Are youth involved in the administration of this program?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Don’t know
  4. Not applicable
If youth are involved in the design, delivery or administration of this program, please describe the nature of their involvement.
17. Program Coordination
Is this program coordinated with other services delivered by a government agency, or community group?
  1. Yes (please specify) __________________________________
  2. No
  3. Don’t know

Briefly describe the coordination mechanisms associated with this program. For example, what organizations, institutions or ministries are involved in the coordination or governance of this program?

How well is this coordination mechanism working? Could the coordination mechanism be improved? If so, how?
18. Program Outcomes

To date, what have been the maor outcomes or accomplishments of this program?
19.Program Evaluation

Aside from financial evaluations or assessments, has this program been formally evaluated or reviewed? Please check all that apply:

  1. Program has not yet been formally evaluated
  2. Program has been evaluated by the program staff
  3. Program has been evaluated by Ministry staff
  4. Program has been evaluated by an outside consultant
  5. Evaluation is in progress
  6. Evaluation is now in planning stage
  7. Don’t know
To date, how many times has the program been formally evaluated or reviewed (aside from financial evaluations)? Please provide the number in the space provided below.

When was the last time the program was formally evaluated (aside from financial evaluations)?
  1. Within the past year
  2. Within the past two years
  3. Within the past three years
  4. More than three years ago
  5. Program is currently being evaluated
  6. Don’t know
20. Evaluation Reports
The Review of the Roots of Youth Violence is very interested in reviewing the results of all relevant program evaluations (aside from financial evaluations). To your knowledge, has an evaluation (aside from financial evaluations) report been produced for this program?
  1. YES a final evaluation report has been produced
  2. YES a preliminary evaluation report has been produced
  3. NO an evaluation report has not yet been produced for this program
If an evaluation report does exist, can a copy of this report be made available to the Review?
  1. YES
  2. NO (if no, please explain why in the space below)
21. Evaluation Design

Did the most recent evaluation of the program employ a “Pretest/Posttest” methodological design to determine the actual effect of the program”?
  1. YES
  2. NO
  3. Don’t know
  4. No evaluation study has been conducted
Did the most recent evaluation of the program employ a “Control Group” comparison?
  1. YES
  2. NO
  3. Don’t know
  4. No evaluation study has been conducted
Did the most recent evaluation involve interviews with youth who had participated in the program?
  1. YES
  2. NO
  3. Don’t know
  4. No evaluation study has been conducted
22. Description of Evaluation Efforts
In the space below, please provide a brief description of how the program was evaluated.
23. Positive Evaluation Results

Did the most recent program evaluation produce positive or optimistic results? In other words, what are the good things about this program? What appears to be working?
24. Program Challenges

Did the latest evaluation produce any negative results? In other works, are there any problems with the program or anything that does not seem to be working?
25 Final Comments

Thank you for your participation in this study. Do you have any other comments about this program that you would like to make? If yes, please provide these comments in the space below.


Volume 1. Findings, Analysis and Conclusions

Volume 2. Executive Summary

Volume 3. Community Perspectives Report

Volume 4. Research Papers

Volume 5. Literature Reviews