For the purposes of this document, MCYS Regions are defined by the former nine service delivery regions: North, North East, Central East, Central West, South, East, Toronto, West, and Hamilton/ Niagara.

1 Visit for information on services for children and youth with autism in Ontario.

2 Single point of access website

3 A "warm referral" is a process by which information that may have already been collected from families is transferred directly to the appropriate receiving agencies they are being referred to, so that the family does not need to repeat their story.

4 Where reference to sharing of personal information or personal health information is made throughout this document it is expected that information sharing will be done in accordance with all applicable privacy laws including obtaining any necessary consents from individuals.

5 Please note that the Family Support Worker title may differ across regional providers. After initial contact, families will be able to choose if and when they access the services of a Family Support Worker.

6Family resource or clinic days are typically open to any family as an opportunity to brainstorm, consult and problem solve with a clinician.

7Documentation demonstrating ABA expertise can include relevant certifications, transcripts, or syllabi showing that the individual has completed coursework and supervised training that is comparable to the requirements to sit for the BCBA®/BCBA-D™ examination. See the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board website for more information on examination requirements.

8The amount of clinical supervision will depend on the staffing structure of the service provider, the type of services being delivered and the needs of the child/youth.