Part 10: Performance Measurement

Interim performance measures, reporting requirements and timelines are being further developed in consultation with Coordinating Agencies.

Performance measurement will help Coordinating Agencies, the ministries and the public to understand whether Coordinated Service Planning is helping to achieve the vision of the Special Needs Strategy, which is an Ontario where children and youth with special needs get the timely and effective services they need to participate fully at home, at school, in the community, and as they prepare to achieve their goals for adulthood.

Performance Measurement is a shared responsibility of all participants in Coordinated Service Planning. Coordinating Agencies are responsible for determining how best to collect the data in accordance with provincial expectations, local practices and information systems.

All agencies participating in the delivery of Coordinated Service Planning will report on their activities and families’ experiences with Coordinated Service Planning. Where measures require surveys of families and partner providers, agencies are required to include a copy of the tool they use with their reports. The ministry reserves the option to require a particular tool, questions or scale be used for these surveys.

Surveys developed to collect data on family experiences and/or service provider perceptions must meet the following requirements:

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