Part 9: Governance and Steering

The board of the Coordinating Agency is accountable to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services for the oversight and delivery of Coordinated Service Planning within the service delivery area.

To enable oversight and collaboration, the Coordinating Agency is required to maintain a cross-sectoral collaborative steering mechanism to oversee the partnerships that support Coordinated Service Planning. The steering mechanism must have a Terms of Reference, developed in partnership with Coordinated Service Planning Providers and Participants.

Steering mechanisms will include a process for seeking input and feedback from the key partners in Coordinated Service Planning, including:

The cross-sectoral steering mechanism for Coordinated Service Planning will also review performance measurement results at least annually and develop plans for improvement where necessary. The steering mechanism will prepare annual reports that describe how cross-sectoral partners are working together to provide seamless and child-, youth- and family-centred service experiences and plans for improvement where necessary. These reports will be signed by all members of the cross-sectoral steering mechanism and submitted to the MCYS/MCSS Regional Office at the end of each fiscal year. MCYS will share the reports with MCSS, EDU and MOHLTC.

Coordinating Agencies will also have formal agreements and/or Memoranda of Understanding with Coordinated Service Planning Providers and Participants covering the essentials of the service. At a minimum, these agreements will include:

MCYS- and MCSS-funded Coordinated Service Planning Providers and Participants (see pages 32 and 33) will have expectations for their participation in Coordinated Service Planning identified in their MCYS and/or MCSS service contracts.

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