Part 7: Intersection with Service Resolution

Service resolution refers to a formalized, collaborative, cross-sectoral process geared to problem-solving, exploring service options, and developing creative service solutions to meet the multiple and/or complex special needs of the child/youth.

The needs of some children, youth and/or families may exceed locally available services. In these cases, a referral will be made to service resolution. Children, youth and families who require service resolution are expected to have a Coordinated Service Plan and have been supported locally as much as possible by the Coordinated Service Planning process, before being referred to service resolution. The Service Planning Coordinator will remain with the family throughout the service resolution process, to keep the Coordinated Service Plan updated, support the family through the process, and to help the family prepare for and then transition back to the local service system.

When a child/youth is in need of service resolution, the Service Planning Coordinator and Coordinating Agency will:

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