Part 8: Roles and Responsibilities

The Coordinating Agency

The Coordinating Agency is accountable to the ministry for the delivery of Coordinated Service Planning in the service delivery area. (For a map of service delivery areas, see Appendix B)

The single Coordinating Agency in each service delivery area will be responsible for:

Service Planning Coordinators

Depending on local practice, some families may have a Service Planning Coordinator who delivers Coordinated Service Planning as well as another program or service. Other families may have a Service Planning Coordinator who provides Coordinated Service Planning full time. These guidelines apply to all Service Planning Coordinators, regardless of whether the individual delivers Coordinated Service Planning full-time or part-time. A family’s assigned Service Planning Coordinator may change if their needs change.

With appropriate consent, Service Planning Coordinators in each service delivery area will:

The Service Planning Coordinator is not responsible for coordinating all services required by the family (e.g. adult mental health, settlement) but may provide contact information or initiate a referral to help families access other services and supports, where these services contribute to the overall goals for the child/youth and family. Where the Service Planning Coordinator will not be responsible for coordinating certain services, this should be communicated to the family.

Coordinated Service Planning Providers

Coordinated Service Planning Providers are agencies/organizations that employ Service Planning Coordinators within the service delivery area. These agencies/organizations will:

Coordinated Service Planning Participants

Coordinated Service Planning Participants are agencies/district school boards that provide services and/or supports to children and youth with special needs and that are expected to participate in Coordinated Service Planning. These organizations could be government-funded, community agencies, or district school boards and will have formal agreements with the Coordinating Agency regarding information sharing and participating in the Coordinated Service Planning process.

Coordinated Service Planning Participants will include, but should not be limited to, the signatory agencies to the local Coordinated Service Planning proposals:

In particular, Coordinated Service Planning Participant organizations will, at a minimum, undertake the following activities. In some service delivery areas, participant organizations have agreed to involvement beyond the activities noted below:

Partners from the broader service sector (e.g. child care providers; municipal partners) may also contribute to Coordinated Service Plans from time to time. Depending on how frequently they are involved in Coordinated Service Planning, the Coordinating Agency may pursue a formal agreement with these providers or arrange to share information using the informed consent of the family.

Ministry of Children and Youth Services

Through Transfer Payment Contracts and quarterly reporting, MCYS Regional Offices will hold Coordinating Agencies accountable for the oversight and delivery of Coordinated Service Planning within the service delivery area.

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