Ontario's Special Needs Strategy

Developmental Surveillance Initiative

We know parents are the best and earliest observers of their children’s development and best suited to raise concerns with early childhood and healthcare professionals. Given the central role that parents play in the early identification of developmental concerns, the Development Surveillance Initiative will support parents with web-based resources to help them raise concerns with early childhood and health care professionals and get help for their children as early as possible.

The Development Surveillance Initiative will include a new tool called the Early Years Check-In. The tool is designed to help parents identify concern for their children’s development in a range of developmental domains (e.g. expressive and receptive language, gross and fine motor skills, learning/understanding, behavioural and emotional regulation, adaptive functioning and overall development). The Early Years Check-In is not a diagnostic tool. The tool and resources are designed to help facilitate conversation among parents and professionals to understand children’s development. It will be accessible to parents and professionals through a new web portal, including parent e-learning modules, and a professional page for service providers.

Information on accessing the tool and resources will be available as soon as the web portal is open.