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Stepping Stones provides up-to-date research and information about youth development to guide the delivery of high quality supports and services for youth aged 12 to 25 across Ontario. It is designed to help anyone who works with or cares for youth to identify and respond to their needs at each stage of their development.

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Supporting Youth: How You Can Help

A close up of a young woman from the Youth Development Committee looking to the side.

Use our “developmental maps” as a tool to help you identify what’s happening with youth and find ways to lend your support at specific stages of their development. Our maps are informed by leading edge research on youth development and direct conversations with Ontario youth about how you can help.

These maps are convenient tools to describe common and predictable events in youth development. But, everyone’s development is unique. Context and experience also impact a young person’s development.

The stages of development are organized by the age ranges in which they generally happen – but events are dependent on “stage” not “age”.

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Understanding Youth: 4 Areas of Development

Read up on the latest research to deepen your knowledge of four key aspects of youth development.

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