Stepping Stones banner – legs and feet of a person stepping on stones to walk across water.

Appendix A:

The government would like to thank and acknowledge the support and contributions of its various project partners—from community partners to the research community and Ontario’s youth.

A special thank you to the youth of Ontario who participated in the youth dialogues and the adult allies who supported them. Your contributions were invaluable in creating a resource that is not only about youth, but also informed by youth.

Throughout this initiative the government engaged key experts in the field of youth development and engagement. The government is especially thankful to Dr. Jean Clinton, Dr. Terrance Wade, Dr. Bruce Ferguson and Dr. Stuart Shanker for providing their time and invaluable expertise to support this process.

We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of the youth development research community for providing the evidentiary basis for this resource. Lead researchers include:

There were several key community partners who played a significant role in the development of this resource:

Finally, thank you to all of the other individuals and organizations who participated in this process and contributed to the resource. Your support is greatly appreciated.