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Message from the Premier's Council on Youth Opportunities

In March 2013, the Government of Ontario established the Premier's Council on Youth Opportunities to engage youth, young professionals and community partners to ensure that young people have the tools they need to succeed.

The Council is made up of a dynamic group of youth and young professionals from a diverse range of cultures, communities and backgrounds. We work to ensure that programs and supports for youth reflect the needs of young people across the province. Although it is difficult to be fully reflective of the wants, needs and expectations of the voices of young people and their communities, we work extremely hard to connect with, listen to, work with and learn from Ontario's youth.

When we were asked by the government to review Stepping Up - A Strategic Framework to Help Youth Succeed, we did so carefully and thoroughly. We recognize the importance of this document and we believe that it can be a document that provides leadership to build a better Ontario for young people. The Council believes that this framework must inspire action – as it speaks to the realities that young people are facing in their communities. Stepping Up should be used a conduit for the transformation of how the province delivers the services and supports that make a difference for youth and their families.

The Council is very pleased with this framework and we feel that it reflects our insight and advice. In developing Stepping Up, the government is taking an important step to help youth succeed. By identifying the outcomes that matter to youth in Ontario today, the government has clearly outlined areas where young people are thriving and areas where more needs to be done.

The Premier's Council on Youth Opportunities feels strongly that for this important framework to have the desired impact, all partners must also step up to help youth be the best they can be. We invite community partners, young professionals and youth across the province to use Stepping Up as a roadmap to create opportunities to help all youth succeed.

We are all involved in supporting success for all our young people. The Council looks forward to walking the journey with you.

photo of Lekan Olawoye

Lekan Olawoye,

Premier's Council on Youth Opportunities

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Chelsea Edwards,

Premier's Council on Youth Opportunities