Stepping Up in 2014–2015: Executive Summary

In the past year, the Stepping Up framework informed the design and delivery of government initiatives for youth by creating opportunities, promoting wellbeing, and focusing supports on Ontario’s most vulnerable and marginalized youth populations.

What the Numbers Say

Graphic of arrows pointing up.

Ontario launched, expanded or enhanced 52 initiatives for youth since the release of the 2014 Stepping Up Annual Report.

Graphic of people representing The Premier's Council on Youth Opportunities

The Premier’s Council on Youth Opportunities met eight times to voice the experiences of vulnerable youth and share its insight on government programs and policies.

Graphic of paper and twenty dots representing provincial ministries

Twenty provincial ministries collaborated to support youth and capture progress in the 2015 Stepping Up Annual Report.


Stepping Up was downloaded more than 7,000 times in the last year, and the 2014 Stepping Up Annual Report was downloaded more than 6,000 times by community organizations, youth workers, parents and other allies.

Supporting Youth Well-Being

Guided by Stepping Up, Ontario supported programs and services across all seven themes of youth well-being this year. Highlights include:

Health & Wellness

Strong, Supportive Friends & Families

Education, Training & Apprenticeships

Employment & Entrepreneurship

Diversity, Social Inclusion & Safety

Civic Engagement & Youth Leadership

Coordinated & Youth-Friendly Communities

2015 Profile of Youth Wellbeing

Data was updated for 24 indicators and 17 outcomes.