Message from the Premier’s Council on Youth Opportunities

The Premier’s Council on Youth Opportunities brings the voice of youth to the province and its ministries. We provide advice on key government initiatives that impact youth and are proud to say we have seen our advice help shape policies and programs.

This year, we championed the enhanced Ontario Youth Action Plan, a $55-million investment that will result in more supports for the young people who need them most. These additional and continued supports let us know that we are having an impact.

This year, the council was also involved in a variety of other ways. We gave input on the design and implementation of youth employment programming to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. We discussed how to bring at-risk youth into the conversations about Ontario’s Culture Strategy with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. We talked about opportunities and issues related to technology in schools with the Ministry of Education. We gave input to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services’ review of the Child and Family Services Act. We also met with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services to provide advice on Street Checks.

We want to thank council members past and present for their contributions, as well as the partners and stakeholders that continue to put youth first. We also want to acknowledge and thank the province and the ministries that have reached out for our advice.

In our role to amplify youth voice to government, we are constantly working to connect with and listen to youth across the province, and to keep this dialogue strong. As we write this message, council members are leading a Listening Tour across Ontario so that we can learn more about the things that are important to youth.

If you are interested in joining the council, learn more by going to the Public Appointments Secretariat website at". To learn more about the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, visit the website at Contribute to our conversation on youth issues by sending us a tweet using #ONyouth.

Natricia Drummond, Chair
Premier’s Council on Youth Opportunities

Madeleine Ross, Vice-Chair
Premier’s Council on Youth Opportunities