Making sure communities across Ontario are providing opportunities for young people to feel safe, find jobs and be engaged is important. Ontario is working with community partners, local governments, health, education, business, community agencies, youth and their families to provide support through programs.

Programs for Youth

Youth Outreach Worker Program

Outreach workers meet youth in the places they hang out to make sure they know about the wide range of programs and services available to them. The workers also encourage young people to get involved in positive projects in their community.

To ensure that young people receive the best possible supports and mentorship, all youth outreach workers are trained in a common set of skills. Through the Enhanced Ontario Youth Action Plan, this program has been expanded to increase the skills and credentials of workers. This allows for extended case management of high-risk youth.

Since 2006, nearly 128,000 young people have benefited from the support and mentorship of youth outreach workers. Read their stories.

Youth Opportunities Fund

The Youth Opportunities Fund provides annual grants to youth-led, grassroots and youth-focused community organizations to help at-risk youth across Ontario. These grants invest in new programs that serve youth aged 12 to 25 and their families. Funds can also support youth with special needs up to age 29.