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Find help

Every person with autism is different. Each one has a different set of physical, emotional, behavioural and social issues.

It's important to match your child's needs with treatments and strategies that will help your child. You may have to try a variety of treatments to find out what's effective for your child.

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services funds a range of services and supports for children and youth with autism.

Programs and services for children with autism

Autism Intervention Program

Depending on how severe your child's disorder is, your doctor or psychologist may refer you to a regional autism service provider for Intensive Behavioural Intervention.

ABA-based services

Your child may also benefit from Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)-based services and supports that build skills and reinforce positive behaviour.

Transition Supports for Adolescents

These community-based programs help teenagers with autism spectrum disorders.

Respite Services

Respite services provide families with temporary relief.

School Support Program - Autism Spectrum Disorders

Children and youth with autism often face particular challenges during their school years. Teachers can play a critical role in helping them succeed at school.

Helping autistic children make the transition to school

See video (Ministry of Education)

Summer Camps

Summer Camps


Summer camps help children and youth with autism to build new skills and have fun.

March Break Camps

March Break Camps

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