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New Ontario Autism Program - Advisory Committee

Ontario has also established a new advisory committee of parents, stakeholders and other experts to provide advice on the key elements of the design and implementation of the new program. The Ontario Autism Program Advisory Committee is providing advice on how to seek input from other experts, including families, on the proposed program changes.

In the first phase of its work, the Ontario Autism Program Advisory Committee drafted a set of Outcomes and Guiding Principles for the new program. The Committee is pleased to share these outcomes and principles as it continues with the next phase of program design. The outcomes and principles form the foundation for the Committee's ongoing advice for the design of the new Ontario Autism Program.

Summaries from the advisory committee’s monthly meetings are posted here.

Committee meeting summaries

Members of the committee

The government is committed to engaging broadly with families and caregivers throughout this process to implement a program that is responsive to children’s varying needs and delivered in a way that meets the needs of families. We have received significant feedback through our consultations with families, experts and providers that has been helpful as we develop our new program. The government will continue to consult during the transition period and as we begin to implement the new program in June 2017.