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In Ontario, child protection services are:

About Ontario's children aid societies

Children's aid societies:

You can find a list of the children's aid societies on the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies website.

Role of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services

The ministry:

Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare - Reports

The Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare was established in July 2009 to work with Children’s Aid Societies to improve the child welfare system. Over its three-year mandate, the Commission submitted reports to the government that were made available to the public at the time of their release through the Commission's own website.

The Commission’s own website is no longer operational however you can request these reports through the ministry from:

Dawn Williams
Executive Assistant, Child Welfare Secretariat

Reports available:

Youth Leaving Care Hearings & Report

Youth currently and formerly in the care of children’s aid societies worked with the Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth to organize two days of public hearings in November 2011. The hearings focused on the youth’s experiences and how they can be better supported to succeed. Professionals, parents and friends also added their voices. On May 14, 2012, the Youth Team released its final report, My Real Life Book — Report from the Youth Leaving Care Hearings, and recommendations.


The Minister of Children and Youth Services established the Youth Leaving Care Working Group to act on the recommendations of “My REAL Life Book”. This Working Group provided its report "Blueprint for Fundamental Change to Ontario’s Child Welfare System." to the Minister on January 22, 2013.

The Provincial Adovcate for Children and Youth’s investigative authority

The Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth Act provides the Provincial Advocate with the authority to make recommendations that are aimed at improving the child welfare system so that it promotes the best interests, protection and well-being of children and youth. The Provincial Advocate has the authority to receive and respond to complaints, conduct reviews, represent the views and preferences of children and youth, make reports and provide recommendations.

Find out more about the Provincial Advocate’s role in Ontario.

The Provincial Advocate also has the ability to investigate matters relating to services provided by children’s aid societies and residential licensees, where a children’s aid society is the placing agency. This authority strengthens accountability, oversight and transparency of Ontario’s child welfare system.

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Contacting the Motherisk Commission

In response to the Honourable Susan Lang’s final report, the government appointed an independent Commissioner in January 2016 to assist people who may have been affected by Motherisk laboratory’s testing methodology, regardless of the date of the test. Over the next two years, Commissioner Judith C. Beaman will lead a review and resource centre that will provide legal, counselling and other support to affected individuals involved in child protection matters.

The Commission’s office is now open and can be reached at 1-844-303-5476 or

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