How much will I receive?

The Ontario Child Benefit provides a maximum payment of $1,336 per child per year.

To see how much you may be eligible for, use the online calculator or see the chart below.

Ontario Child Benefit Monthly Payment Estimates as of July 2015*
  Family Net Income
Number of
$20,400 $25,000 $30,000
1 $111.33 $80.66 $47.33
2 $222.66 $192.00 $158.66
3 $334.00 $303.33 $270.00
4 $445.33 $414.66 $381.33


* The monthly payment values listed in the charts above are an estimate of the amount of OCB you may receive. Monthly payments are determined by the Canada Revenue Agency based on your adjusted family net income as determined by your annual tax return.

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What is it?