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Student Nutrition Program

Nutritious food helps kids learn. Ontario’s Student Nutrition Program helps fund nutritious breakfast, snack, and lunch programs at many schools and community locations across Ontario. Proper nutrition helps kids get the most out of their school day. The program is made possible through volunteers and community partnerships.

Ontario continues to expand and enhance the Student Nutrition Program so that more children and youth will get the nutritional boost they need to support their learning. As part of the Healthy Kids Strategy, in 2013-14 Ontario invested $3 million to the Student Nutrition Program, helping to create over 200 new breakfast programs over two years. On April 7, 2014 Ontario announced the investment of more than $32 million over the next three years to enhance existing Student Nutrition Programs and establish 340 new breakfast and morning meal programs in schools across Ontario. These combined investments are also supporting the expansion of Student Nutrition Programs in some First Nations communities.

In the 2013-14 school year Ontario’s Student Nutrition Program provided nutritious school meals and snacks to over 756,800 children and youth across Ontario.

The programs are delivered locally and supported by 14 Lead Agencies. They are run by volunteers such as parents, educators and other community members. Programs are encouraged to follow the Student Nutrition Program Nutrition Guidelines (2008). These guidelines help providers choose nutritious foods for breakfast, lunch and snacks.