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Everyone needs a family

The government has completed a review of the operation of adoption information disclosure services, providing Ontarians an opportunity to tell us how these services are working for them. The Five-Year Review of the Operation of Adoption Information Disclosure Provisions in Ontario, 2014 provided valuable information that will help guide us as we implement future improvements to adoption information disclosure services and service delivery. Click here to read the executive summary and full report.

Family gives us a sense of belonging. Family provides us with lifelong connections.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not their make-up, but their ability to nurture, love and support their members, that makes families the ideal place for children to be raised.

Sometimes children can’t live with their birth parents because they are unable to care for them and provide for their most basic needs. Sometimes parents, for a variety of reasons, seek a new family to raise and care for their child.

Adoption provides a legal means for another family to permanently take on the responsibility of caring for and raising a child. But adoption is much more than a legal process. Adoption is a precious gift of a family to a child very much in need of one to call their own.

Adopting a child is a lifelong commitment. The information here will help you to better understand every step of the adoption process.

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