Youth Justice Outcomes Framework

Measuring Impact, Inspiring Success

Youth justice programs are committed to improving outcomes for all youth who come into contact with the law. In 2014, the ministry set new system-wide goals that build on our continued efforts to reduce re-offending. This initiative will inspire success and aid in measuring our impact on the youth we serve.

Four Measurable Outcomes

We consulted with partners and academics to identify four key outcomes for youth in conflict with the law. Each outcome has related indicators that define how we track our progress.

Visual representation of the indicators and the outcomes they identify.

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Collecting New Data, Giving Youth a Voice

To measure our impact, we are pulling together information from multiple sources. The Framework combines existinf data, such as assessments with new source, including experience surveys. These surveys give youth and their families a say in the services that affect them.

What’s Next

The Framework is centred on youth. Outcome data will help us make evidence-based decisions to improve our services across Ontario.

We are working to make outcome data public while protecting youth privacy. Opening up this data helps keep us accountable. It also encourages collaboration on new ways to serve youth in, or at risk of, conflict with the law.